Logic Pro X: on line training course

Logic Pro X - Online Training Course

Deeply inside Apple Logic Pro X, from the comfort of your home.

With this new Logic Pro X online training course, in English language, you can learn all the latest features of the new amazing DAW Apple Logic Pro X. It treats not only Logic Pro X tutorial, but it's a course that guides students to the knowledge and the use of the main features of Logic Pro X, allowing the creation of own songs using a wide range of tools available in the program.

Even if you've seen many Logic Pro tutorial you'll realize this is very innovative method. All the main topics will be exhaustively treated: audio and MIDI recording, piano roll and score editing techniques, drummer track, arrangement, automation and mix.

The course, about logic software, is preceded by a free webinar online on Logic 10.

Five Lessons of 3 hours each will then take place. The dates of the 5 lessons will be scheduled at the same webinar together with the users.

To attend to one or more classes or to the complete package it is required to purchase and download Logic Pro 10 directly from the Apple Store. Once you have purchased and installed the program, it will be important to download and install all the additional free of charge contents. It is possible to buy a single lesson or the whole package of 5 lessons at a special price.

To book one or more lessons it is necessary to proceed with the purchase by downloading a coupon and to send a confirmation email to segreteria@expertisegarden.it. Once booked the lesson / s  you will be informed about all the necessary instructions to attend the online course to perfectly learn this Logic music software .

The course prepares the student for the Apple Logic Pro X Certification Exam, optional , that can be done at Espero srl, Milan, Apple Authorized Training Center (reservation required at: http://www.espero.it/corsi-mac/certificazioni/certificazioni-apple).

Price: € 150 + VAT.

Students who will purchase the full package of 5 lessons will receive an Apple achievement certificate, released by Espero srl.

Marco Perino, Apple Certified Master Trainer in Logic Pro, will be your trainer for the webinar and all the lessons




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WEBINAR: INTRODUCTION TO APPLE LOGIC PRO X interface software logic pro x A very interesting lecture online for free about Logic Pro X at 18 th November 2014: interface and software features, and its fantastic functionality
Logic Pro X: Lesson 1 interface software logic pro x The right lesson to find out everything you need to start using Logic Pro X and to make audio recordings
Logic Pro X: Lesson 2 interface software logic pro x Here's how to learn how to make different types of editing audio in Logic Pro X, and set the correct track drummer
Logic Pro X: Lesson 3 interface software logic pro x The lesson dedicated to how to make various types of recording, (including recording midi) and MIDI editing, using the different functionalities
Logic Pro X: Lesson 4 interface software logic pro x The lesson aims to acquire the knowledge and the right information to be able to do editing of pitch & time in Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X: Lesson 5 interface software logic pro x The lesson specific to Logic Pro X, directed the execution of the Mix and automation within this software
Logic Pro X: Complete Package interface software logic pro x The course to learn the full functionality of Logic Pro X: recording, editing, MIDI recording and editing, editing of pitch & time

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    MusicLab was born as a recording studio and training center in Turin in the summer of 2003, beginning in the years a multipurpose facility, offering services in the field of music and professional audio.

    In July 2007, the center is expanded further fitting into a structure of 2,600 square meters called "Ring - The House of Music" in the hinterland of Turin.

    With its space is able to offer services for every need:

    -Regia Equipped and acoustically optimized mixes in stereo and surround
    -Two Recording rooms adjacent, thanks to the excellent acoustics and large, are in the ideal environment for multitrack recordings in both direct outlets of excellent quality.
    -A 'computer laboratory equipped with 20 computer stations
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    MusicLab has all the services for the realization of a musical product finished, up to the final mastering. This activity is carried out with the help of professional technicians with years of experience and technology to keep up with the times.

    -Recordings Multi-track (overdubbing and direct)
    -Mixing Stereo and surround;
    -Arrangements And remixes;
    -Sonority Video and sound design

    Since 2004, MusicLab is responsible for training courses in collaboration with En.AIP Piedmont and Imagination and Work, institutions accredited by the Ministry of Labour and the Piedmont Region. MusicLab provides advice for: planning, coordination, recruitment, selection and mentoring students, finding internships and supervision companies. MusicLab is also a Certified Training Center for the teaching of Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase and Apple Logic.