Bodybuilder woman posing during a competition

Bodybuilding has as its sole purpose the quest for a body with massive muscular development and harmonious and balanced physique. A massive muscle development in humans is linked to the concepts of strength and virility, while the harmony and muscle tone contribute to emphasize the shapes and attractiveness in women. Bodybuilding is a sport, but according to some it may be considered almost as a form of art, which studies the techniques to achieve an aesthetically enviable body, worthy of admiration. Bodybuilding covers different aspects of muscle development such as training, nutrition, supplementation, rest and lifestyle. In this section Expertise Garden provides you with a path suitable for athletes of all levels, to forge a wonderful physical, analyzing all aspects of bodybuilding.

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Beginner's Annual Training Routine For you the right program to get a beginner to an intermediate level of training, reachable with just a year of work, carried on in a rational and effective way: try it on yourself!
Free articles A series of articles written by Roberto Calcagno, which will give you precious info on training, eating and supplementation. For free!